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      Production Equipment

      FJ Bearing has 5 advanced protective atmosphere heat treatment production lines at home and abroad, 275 sets of ring grinding processing equipment, which can form 25 production lines and 6 roller grinding processing lines. Now it has annual 8 million sets bearing production capacity. Using lean production management to make continuous improvement, and the pursuit of perfection.

      Manufacturing advantage

             Heat treatment: H Aichelin protection atmosphere salt bath quenching automatic line to make microstructure is reliable and stable;

              Ring: high-speed grinding (>60m / s), full connection high efficiency to avoid bumps, good product consistency;

             ■ Roller: self-made, a streamlined production, stable to meet the national level II roller requirements;

              Assembly line: Fully automatic assembly, high efficiency, no flaws, effectively reducing the defect of 0 km.

      Heat treatment process

               Quenching and tempering equipment: using Aichelin protection atmosphere salt bath quenching automatic line

               -Reduce the depleted carbon layer, deformation, grinding allowance

               -Improve appearance and improve tissue stability



      Nitrate quenching roller bottom furnace production line, international advanced, clean and environmentally friendly.


               High-speed grinding: single machine accuracy and high degree of automation -> high product accuracy.

               Grinding and processing connection: one person operates multiple machines, high efficiency, no flaws -> good product consistency.


      Domestic first-class CNC grinding automatic line to meet the requirements of low noise, long life and high reliability of automotive bearings.


              Adopt automatic assembly line->high efficiency to avoid bump injury and effectively reduce 0km defect.




       Automotive bearing flexible assembly line with automatic detection and automatic assembly.

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